Welcome to Andrew Fowler Music

Andrew Fowler's music crosses genres, from bossa beats and pop melodies to symphonic and chamber music styles. A composer, pianist, and singer, Fowler performs and teaches in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His newest release is "Gold Standard." Fowler's originals are composed with a sense of the standards in mind. Originals and standards interweave, creating the classic "album" feel. The 35 minute work touches upon many influences, each succeeding track opens a new musical vista. Fowler alludes to what might be called hybrid Chicago Transit Authority/Santana in "Come Alive for Me." Others point to different places: his McCartney-like take on the title track "Gold Standard," a Donald Fagan homage in "Chiaroscuro," the sound of a Jobim/Getz collaboration in "Meditation," or the Vince Guaraldii vibe in "Phi in the Sky."