Welcome to Andrew Fowler Music

Andrew Fowler's music crosses genres, from bossa beats and pop melodies to symphonic and chamber music styles. A composer, pianist, and singer, Fowler performs and teaches in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His music will be featured at the College Music Society Mid-Atlantic Conference, held at Coastal Carolina University (March 30-April 1). Two works featured are "Over Yonder's Ocean" and "New Britain:Emanuel." Both of these works connect low-country hstory to a broader narrative. 

"Over Yonder's Ocean" (for Soprano and Baritone soloists, Mixed Chorus, Chamber Orchestra) is a suite based upon Murrells Inlet, South Carolina spirituals.  Fowler heard the monophonic Lomax 1930's Library of Congress recordings and the result is "Over Yonder's Ocean."

"New Britain: Emanuel" (for chamber orhcestra) was written for the benefit concert for the families of the "Charleston 9."  Its musical landscape unfolds from the original tune "New Britain,"  which morphed into the immortal song "Amazing Grace."  Arranged for a flexible orchestra, the music is first heard as a sea chanty.  The mood shifts to a somber treatment, as if the sound of the music is heard and processed by slaves held below the deck.  The work fuses into the "New World" as aspects of Western European harmony converge with African musical preferences, culminating in a rousing version that might well be heard in a late night New Orleans jam session.

If you have some time, several samples of his eclectic output can be found in the Portfolio module.